Thursday, August 27, 2015

Pinterest Done-it's: Day 9: Bookworm Baby Shot

Who's the kid of a preacher now? I mean, come on! That is just classic, don'tcha think? 

Here's the link to my inspiration:

Pinterest Done-it's: Day 8: Baby in bed shot

Mr. E. loves the camera. What can I say? His mom is a photographer. As soon as a camera or phone is pulled out, he is looking right at and grinning to high heaven. I couldn't get the same angle as the original picture idea, but I think they still turned out great!

Black and white...
...or color?

Here's the link:

Pinterest Done-it's: Day 7: Baby under blanket shot

I wouldn't call this a win. Maybe a so-so. My little guy was ready for a nap and didn't want his picture taken. Consequently, I only got the one good one. But, I think with some more time and better timing for the little guy, this could be fantastic. Good thing is, this requires no special equipment of any sort! I just laid him on his tummy on our bed and draped the towel over him. Normally, one would use a blanket, but his newborn shots were with this towel, so I wanted the age contrast. 

Here's the original link:

Pinterest Done-it's: Day 6: Baby photo in a Box

My Mister E. isn't big enough to sit up on his own, which makes my choices for photo shoots pretty limited. You can only do so much of a baby lying on the floor, especially as it seems that half the photos are up the baby's nose!

But, I came across this idea and decided to give it a try. I have a few crates that came from my mother-in-law when we moved all my husband's books (well...not all.... like a tenth... yes, I married a nerd) out of his bedroom after we got married. 

Score! These are some of my favorites! I would highly recommend this to anyone trying to find a cute way to prop baby up for another angle.  Here's a few more shots of my little hunk...

 That face, though!

Well, there ya' have it, folks! Another Pinterest success. 

Here's the link to my inspiration: