Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pinterest Done-its: Day 5: DIY Onesie from T-shirt

I'm loving my sewing machine! And making clothes for my little ones has always been a dream of mine. One problem...I have a son. Don't get me wrong, I love my little guy! But it seems like 90% of the cute little patterns on Pinterest are for girls. Headbands, dresses, ribbons, bows. Pink, pink, pink, and ...oh...did I mention pink?

Anyway,.. After searching for ideas for Mr. E., I found this tutorial and got really excited. My husband has tubs of t-shirts still sitting in his parents' closet at home from all of the activities he did in school. Way more than he will ever wear. Couple that with a little guy who is growing faster than I can afford to keep up with, and this tutorial looked perfect.

I sewed the whole thing by hand, as I prefer to do so when I make something small for the first time. And, again, another success! I will be adapting it slightly, as the legs are a little short for "Mr. Longshanks", and I think I might try velcro for the closure instead of buttons next time, Thankfully, the pattern looks easy to adapt. But, here it is!

Here's the link! http://www.feathersflights.com/2012/04/baby-shortall-from-adult-t-shirt.html

Monday, July 20, 2015

Pinterest Done-it's: Day 4: Carseat Cover

Well before my now 3 1/2 month-old was born, I came across this tutorial for a car-seat cover. As I was wanting to get back into using my sewing machine, I decided to try it.

Yeah...I was 10 minutes short of finishing it when I stopped for the day and I went into labor the next day. 36 hours later, my little Mr. E. was born and the project was put away for later.

This week was "later" and I am so excited to announce it finished and a success! Well.. a success minus two minor hitches: 1)I forgot to make sure I had enough fabric for the top to make sure my fabric faced the right way. I didn't. Thankfully, I had extra of the back fabric, so I added a few inches to the top and bottom, and I think I actually like it better. You get to see more of the contrasting fabric. 2)I somehow misplaced the tutorial, so I ended up making the straps out of just one fabric and without instructions, Thankfully, I think it turned out great. I also love the fact that there is enough fabric that my son, who likes to hold on to something when he is sucking his thumb, pulls it to his face when I have it folded up so I can watch him while he sleeps.

Oh, and thanks to my mom for buying the fabrics for me. They're quite perfect as my dear father-in-law is a stamp dealer.

Here's the link! http://www.lifewithmylittles.com/2012/10/car-seat-cover-tutorial.html/

Monday, July 6, 2015

Pinterest Done-Its: Day 3: Eggroll-in-a-bowl

For those of you who don't already know, my family and I try to adhere to the eating/living principles found in the "Trim Healthy Mama" book. Today, I'm going to share one of my favorite recipes that I found on Pinterest: Eggroll-in-a-bowl. My husband and I love it! It's simple, cheap, and suuuuper yummy.

Once again, a success! 0-3! So far... Pinterest for the win!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

"Pinterest Done-Its": Day 2: Wedding Card Book

Oh my heavens! All the cards I've gotten over the last year and half between bridal showers, the wedding itself, baby baptism, and the baby showers are piling up on me! What do I do with them? Keep them, toss them, sort and do some of both? AH!

Thankfully, I came across this idea, and since I really did want to keep them seeing as how I loved going through my grandmother's collection, I'm glad this worked out so well.

This is the DIY Wedding Card Book:

I did adapt it a little, and added a second ring. Some of the cards were thin, and I was afraid having just the one hole would cause them to tear. This way there's less  stress on the holes, and it turns easier too.

This is what it looks like open.

Ah! Love it! Yet again another success. Stay tuned for tomorrow's Pinterest trial.